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Declare War On Fear

Declare War On Fear by Jeremy Johnson

Declare War On Fear by Jeremy Johnson

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Each time you fall prey to the subtle lies of Fear, you miss out on the moments you were made for. Jeremy Johnson unmasked this

insidious enemy so that you can walk in the fullness of your God-given destiny.

As the pastor and pioneer of the Los Angeles-based “Fearless” ministry movement, Jeremy Johnson has seen thousands of people delivered from the shackles of Fear and its lies to walk in confidence, abundance, and joy.

Declare War on Fear shows you how you can defeat the demonic agenda of Fear, and live the radically fulfilling life you were created for.


  • How Fear is proof of God’s call on your life because the powers of hell tremble at the thought of your fulfilled destiny.

  • How to Overcome the “taunt of Fear,” silencing the intimidation that is keeping you from abundant life.

  • How to Become the devil’s greatest threat by confronting Fear with Heavenly power.

  • How to Kick Fear out once-and-for-all by basking in the Love of God.

A scared world needs a fearless you! You have been chosen by God for great things—and Fear knows it. It’s time to silence Fear’s demonic whispers, and awaken to your destiny!

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